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Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids.

This surgery can improve vision when it is affected by drooping eyelids, preventing the eyelids from partially obstructing the visual field.

Dr. Raul Lopez Castillo improves the appearance of the eyes by removing loose excess skin around them. Droopy eyelids, excess skin, and eyelid bags can make one look tired or older. Blepharoplasty can restore the skin around the eyes to its natural place, and a more youthful appearance dramatically reduces signs of aging.


Upper Blepharoplasty
This procedure corrects the sagging of the upper eyelid (above the eye). A resection of the excess skin of the upper eyelid is made. The scar is hidden in the eyelash crease, remaining practically imperceptible.

Lower Blepharoplasty
Lower blepharoplasty is used to correct the flaccidity of the lower part and/or the bags of the lower eyelids through one of the following techniques: transconjunctival or subciliary.

Non-surgical alternative

to treat under-eye bags

Non-surgical alternative (Minimally Invasive) to treat bags

It is a minimally invasive radiofrequency technology, it can be used to tighten the sagging skin of the eyelids and under local or local anesthesia and sedation.

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The eyes are the first thing we see in a face and the patient’s results must look as natural as possible


It is important to determine if the redundant skin is the only problem or if there are some other factors;


Se evalúa la cantidad de piel en exceso (superior e inferior)


La grasa en exceso, las bolsas que hay que retirar (párpado superior e inferior)


Presencia de surcos periorbitarios.


Tono de los párpados inferiores.


In these areas, adipose compartments (of fat) and excess skin are formed.

The procedure is used to remove and improve the bags under or above the eye.

They are corrected with an upper blepharoplasty or a lower blepharoplasty.

This procedure includes several methods depending on the circumstances of each patient.

It is also determined if there is fat redundancy in both the upper and lower eyelids or if there is a lack of volume in the periorbital folds that accentuate the fat pockets.

This is corrected by placing fat in the grooves that are below the bags (facial lipoinjection).

The tone of the eyelid is evaluated to see if it is necessary to perform a canthopexy , which is the operation that tightens the eyelid when it lacks tone (making the eyelid look a little droopy) so that there is no defect where it looks separated from the eye.

When all the details are evaluated, we determine the set of procedures that the patient requires to have a very good result.

If necessary, the recommendation is made to correct the drooping of the eyebrow simultaneously with the upper eyelid (eyebrow lift).

The eyebrow must be at or above the orbital rim, when it is below the orbital rim we know that an eyebrow lift is necessary. We evaluate this by looking at the eyebrow, the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelashes, and by palpating the orbital bone we find out if the eyebrow is lowered or not. This is assessed at rest when the patient is not wrinkling their forehead allowing us to see the position of the eyebrow.



The eyes are brighter, the face younger and the look more remarkable. The results look as natural as possible.

The results look natural and this is achieved by focusing on every detail


The recovery time is determined by the combination of procedures, after blepharoplasty, the following approximate times are recommended

  • Surgery time: 45-60 minutes
  • Discharged: The same day of surgery (Ambulatory)
  • Relative Rest Time (the patient can walk and move, must get out of bed every hour during the day): 1 to 2 days later
  • Time to return to your office job: 5 to 7 days later
  • Time to return to light exercise (cardio, aerobics…): 2 weeks later

Recommendations can be modified, recovery times vary in some cases and are recommended by Dr. Raúl Lopez


Apart from evaluating the patient, in the consultation with Dr. Raúl López, we show the patients other cases similar to the patient’s so they can see the results and clearly understand what we are looking for. This allows patients to see what can be achieved with these types of procedures, all focused on achieving a natural result.

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