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Breast Augmentation


A well-projected breast with enough volume can make a woman feel more feminine, beautiful, and confident. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to augment and improve the female breast’s size and shape. The result is a curvier, figure-proportioning, and attractive bust line.


During this outpatient procedure, Dr. Lopez makes a small incision below each breast, around the areolas, or in the armpit. The implant is inserted either below or above the pectoral muscle as is most convenient for the patient. The incisions are then sutured, resulting in an immediate result of a fabulous new figure.

This procedure is breast augmentation. Here we increase the volume and improve the shape of the breasts with implants or fat transfer.

Surgical Options

  • Augmentation with breast implants

  • Fat transfer

  • Combination of both (hybrid augmentation)


The appearance of a good bust consists of the ideal placement, size, and correct choice of implant, taking into account the patient’s desire.

Patient’s Desire

Increase volume – In patients with small breasts or who want a more projected bust, we choose the ideal size and placement to give a natural result. It can increase from half to two or three sizes up, depending on each case’s desire and possibility.

Improve shape – Implants can correct the lack of projection and definition of the neckline. Alterations in its parts, such as very large or excessively projected areolas, disproportionate nipples, or defects in the distribution of glandular or fatty tissue, can be corrected simultaneously with the procedure. We are improving the shape and volume of the bust, giving an attractive and natural result.

Lifting the breast – Changes in weight, pregnancies, and the effect of gravity over time produce descent of the breasts in which a breast lift, also known as a Mastopexy, can correct.

Combine Procedures – Many patients require a combination of procedures such as breast augmentation and lift. The resulting scars vary according to the technique used. Other surgical procedures such as liposuction, a “mommy makeover” are commonly combined with breast correction surgeries.

Breast Implants

There are different shapes and sizes of implants selected according to each patient’s requirement and desire. Cohesive silicone gel wrapped in a layer of silicone implants are the ones we handle the most.

Always thinking of the best for the patient, we handle the newest, safest implants and, in the opinion of Dr. Raul Lopez, the best.

Doctor Lopez currently recommends smooth or Nano textured implants.. They are so soft that they feel natural. The material is of excellent quality; it has less risk of capsular contracture and can last more than 15 years. Some implants, such as those of the Motiva brand, have the option of having an integrated chip to identify the implant when a sensor scans it. This technology allows patients to verify the placement of the correct implant.

The placement

There are three placements.

Submuscular Placement

We choose this placement when there is little gland tissue available. It is done in patients with the most petite breasts to give a more natural result.

Subglandular Placement

In some instances, we place the above the muscle below the gland. We usually choose this placement when the breast tissue is more than 2 centimeters thick.

Subfascial Placement

We place the implants above the muscle under the thin layer that covers them. We recommend this placement to athletic patients who exercise a lot, avoiding deformations when contracting the muscle (chest).

Doctor Lopez determines the placement according to the needs of the patient during a consultation.


A natural breast is made up of glandular tissue and fat. We can increase the bust with the fat extracted by liposuction and increase one or half a size in each session. Results are more natural.


During the evaluation:

  • Dr. López can evaluate you to see if you need a lift (Mastopexy)
  • See if there is an asymmetry that we can resolve
  • You can try on the “implants” to decide your size and desired implant using different size testers, so you have a clear idea of the possible outcome.

In a consultation, it is essential to evaluate the desire of each patient. The desired size and the procedures that Dr. Lopez can suggest. Both breasts are measured to assess their symmetry and determine if a breast lift is necessary. The areola should be in the center of the breast to look symmetrical.


The breasts look more projected, round, and lifted symmetrically.

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