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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, excessive weight changes, or the natural aging process can cause the breast to lose its natural elasticity and sag. A breast lift can make your body look younger by correcting the drop line, restoring the curvature to a youthful state.

What is a mastopexy?

We perform this procedure in both men and women with excess tissues, glandular, fatty, or skin in the mammary region. The approach is different for male and female patients.

Breast lift

For patients who have a descent of the breast, the nipple is no longer at the correct distance, and the breast looks saggy, we perform a breast lift surgery. All busts can be affected by gravity and tend to descend over time. Each patient is different. There are several techniques to lift the breast, so Dr. Lopez chooses the correct method depending on the degree of breast sag and the patient’s wishes.

Techniques to lift the breast

The bust can be:

  • Lifted

  • Corrected (Asymmetry of the figure)

  • Reduced (Breast reduction)

  • Lifted and increased (Breast augmentation)

During the procedure, Dr. Lopez removes excess skin, and sagging tissue is tightened and lifted. The areolas and nipples are brought to their ideal place for a beautiful and natural result.

We can combine a breast lift procedure with breast augmentation using implants or fat transfer or placing implants for shape improvement.

When necessary, we also address any correction of asymmetries during surgery. In cases, we correct the commonality of one bust being larger or saggier than another or reduce oversized areolas.


The most common scars in a mastopexy are located on the areolas’ contour and below, forming what we call the inverted T. These scars become less visible with time.


The bust looks symmetrical with the areolas in place.


Care and recovery depend on what the patient’s breast surgery consisted of. If the patient lifted their breasts only, if it was an implant change or if they had a combined lift with or without implants.

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