Breast Augmentation

A well-projected breast with enough volume can make a woman feel more feminine, beautiful, and confident. As a result, a more curvy, attractive, and natural breast line is achieved.

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Also known as “Mastopexy,” a breast lift primarily focuses on raising sagging breasts. The procedure tightens, lifts the breasts, and restores the curvature to a youthful state.

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Very prominent and heavy breasts can be corrected with a breast reduction procedure. The breasts become smaller, lighter, and better proportioned to the rest of the body, in addition to lifting them.

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This particular procedure depends entirely on the degree and type of asymmetry the patient presents. Dr. López has extensive experience reshaping and matching both breasts to improve balance, proportion, and aesthetic appearance.

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This procedure is to improve the appearance of the breast when necessary. Patients can also decide to change to a different implant size or to reduce breast size.

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