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Buttock augmentation

A BBL is a procedure to increase and reshape gluteal volume using the patient’s fat extracted during liposuction. Other popular terms for this procedure include buttock lipo injection and fat transfer.

Procedure options for buttock augmentation

  • Buttock augmentation with buttock implant
  • Buttock augmentation with fat (Lipoinjection), also known as BBL (Brazilian ButtLift)
  • Hybrid Buttock Augmentation (combining implants and fat)

Options for Buttock Augmentation procedure

A BBL technique, in simple terms, is a Buttock augmentation with fat transfer (lipoinjection). It is one of the most common ways to increase and shape the buttocks. Many patients are satisfied with just lipoinjection without having to use implants due to its natural-looking results.

Simultaneously, Dr. Lopez employs contouring techniques to better shape the rest of the figure with liposuction and utilize fat in the hips, creating a beautiful hourglass shape. The harmony of all parts of the body is taken into consideration to achieve a delightful aesthetic result.


The amount of fat integrated depends on each patient’s fat availability, initial buttocks’ size and shape, and desired volume.

Another option for firm and prominent glutes is using Buttock implants. We place these silicone implants between the buttock Maximus muscles through an incision hidden in the intergluteal groove. Again, the proper selection of implants according to the patient’s needs is essential for outstanding results.

  • There are different types of implants; we carry silicone.

  • There are round and anatomical (almond-shaped) implants.

These silicone implants are resistant to weight, up to 300 kilograms, so there is no problem of rupture when the patient sits on them. One of our post-operatory indications is for patients to not sit directly on them for approximately two months. Patients can only sit in 90 degrees upright position, avoiding leaning back for the first two months.

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Brazilian ButtLift


During the procedure, Dr. López administers the patient’s fat obtained from liposuction, which ensures the elimination of the excess fat that hides and sometimes deforms the buttock. When combined with hip augmentation, we can get a more noticeable waist.

BBL is the most common and safe procedure; the current trend is to place fat in the subcutaneous cellular tissue.

Part of the injected fat is absorbed; the majority, between 70% or 80%, is generally integrated and responds to changes in the patient’s weight. If the patient gains weight, the buttocks also tend to grow, as it usually occurs in anyone who gains weight. Therefore, we always recommend our patients maintain their results by maintaining a stable weight. Unless the patient wants to increase volume, in some cases, gaining a little weight is recommended.


The surgery is done under epidural block and sedation and lasts approximately 2 hours. It is an ambulatory procedure in which the patient is discharged the same day of the surgery.


  • Through liposuction, fat is taken from the areas the patient wants to remove and transferred to the buttocks and hips.

  • Tissue is readily accepted, fat is integrated and tolerated by the body.

  • The result looks natural.

  • The fat can be permanent as long as patients take care of their weight.

  • Recovery time is short; the patient can return to office work 5-7 days after surgery.


Candidates for a Lipoinjection

  • Patients at their ideal weight; patients who do not have obesity and are stable in their weight.

  • With a body mass index of 30 or less – (Yes, patients with a bit of overweight and mild obesity can have this procedure, but preferably have a body mass index less than 30 for safety reasons).

  • It is essential that the patient is healthy or controlled if they suffer from a disease such as hypertension or diabetes.

  • Patients with fat availability (for lipoinjection).

Patients with previous liposuction

In patients who want buttock augmentation and have prior liposuction, implants may be the best option if the patient has fat available for buttock augmentation, secondary liposuction with buttock augmentation.

Thin patients who desire to increase their buttocks

Dr. López evaluates many patients who wish to improve their buttocks with lipoinjection. In these cases, he recommends that they gain a little weight to extract the fat necessary to increase the buttocks. Once the patients have an adequate amount of fat available, they become candidates for a BBL procedure. Another option is to place buttock implants.


The buttocks look rounder, with more volume, in proportion to the patient’s body. After surgery, the patient will have inflammation, so the buttocks will look bigger than they are. During recovery, the results will show more naturally.

Buttock Augmentation Gallery (lipoinjection)

Buttock Augmentation Gallery (with implants)

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