About Dr. Raúl López

Dr. Raúl López Castillo is the medical director of Laser Clinic, a leading destination of plastic surgery in Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Meet Dr. Raúl López Castillo

Dr. Raul Lopez has more than 25 years of experience in procedures, predominantly in plastic surgery. Renowned for his profound work in liposuction and facial surgery procedures among others, and for his attention to detail in all of his work, he is a popular speaker in the plastic surgery field.
Dr. Lopez and his staff are proud to offer the most advanced technologies and techniques in the aesthetic field, including non-invasive procedures.
Bilingual in English and Spanish, Dr. López offers half of his practice to patients from the United States.

Education and Certifications as a Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. López did his medical studies in the Medical School of the University Autonoma of Nuevo León, México “Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, México)”. He then completed his residence in the Universities Hospital “Hospital Universitario de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León” en 1993.

Dr. López is certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica y Reconstructiva) and is a member of the following professional associations renowned nationally and internationally;

  • The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons  (ASPS)
  • Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva,A.C.
  • Colegio de Cirujanos Plásticos de Tamaulipas, A. C.


Raúl López Castillo
University- “Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León”
Identification card #1401882

Specialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Authorization #
No. AE-003759
Certificate for professional practice #1401882

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